Input Mappings

First you need to setup a few input mappings for Interact, SecondaryInteraction, TurnPick and TurnLock.

Note, that all assigned buttons on this screenshot are examples and you can of course also assign other buttons. Make sure though, that all input names are exactly as on the screenshot:

Add Components

Add BP_LockPickingComponent to your player character blueprint.

Having this component selected, you can change the default picks a player starts with in the details panel. Please don’t change any other value here.
Also integrate the InteractionInterface to you player blueprint and add the following nodes to your event graph (you can also copy from the included example player blueprint):

If you don’t want to use the integrated example door, add BP_LockComponent to your door or other locked object. Also implement InteractionInterface to your locked actor.

This interface comes with an event called “Interact”. Add this event as well as a check for locked state (as on the screenshot above) before the interaction event nodes of your actor.

Lock Setup & Overall Settings

Click on your locked actor in the level and select BP_LockComponent from within the actor’s component list. Now you can change the door lock’s values.

Lock Difficulty 1 = Beginner Lock, 2 = Intermediate Lock, 3 = Master Lock

The value of Object Name will show up when you’re near the actor.

You can also easily tweak the system by opening Lockpicking_Settings (Blueprints/Core)

Here you can adjust some values if you want. Check the tooltips for explanation.

NOTE: Changing the default values here does not work with engine version 4.18. If you’re using this engine version, you may need to open BP_LockPicking and change these settings inside the Settings variable

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